Saturday, 13 April 2013

IATEFL 2013 ends - now the reflection begins

IATEFL 2013 ended last night in Liverpool and from my perspective here in Vietnam, I have to say, it's been quite a week!  Full of resolve and good intentions at the start of the week, by Tuesday I was feeling rather overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information coming at me from all directions!  Then, work commitments had to take priority, so, for the latter part of the conference, the only connection I had with proceedings was via the Twitter feed.  I still felt, though, that I was part of it and I was inspired by the snippets I was reading.

Now it is Saturday morning and I am beginning the mammoth task of catching up on what I missed.  Several members of my PLN have been saying the same thing - it feels like we've got several months' worth of interviews and presentations to watch, blogposts and articles to read, links to follow.  With so much information out there, it's tempting to think, 'why bother?'  For me, the answer is simple - it's for my own CPD.  I will learn a huge amount by following up on events in Liverpool and reflecting on them.  As is my wont, I will write up a lot of what I see and publish posts here on my blog.  This is mainly for my own benefit, but if others read what I write and gain some insight or ideas from it, then it's all to the good.

I know there will be plenty of people, many of them better qualified than I, writing about IATEFL in the coming weeks and months, but I make no apologies for adding to the plethora of posts which will appear.  Watch this space - there's plenty to come!!


  1. Exactly how I feel Andrea - a little overwhelmed, have found it impossible to keep up, but want to catch up with it all for my own professional development! Thanks so much for your wonderful posts - your efforts are amazing and your posts are much appreciated. I'm afraid I just can't find the extra time.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Lesley. Happy to know that someone is reading! :-)