Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blog4NZ - World Teacher's Blog Resurrected!

I can't believe that almost two years have elapsed since I last blogged here! It hasn't been that I haven't wanted to, or that I haven't had anything to say - it's more to do with external factors that are not worth going into now! Suffice it to say that I have been inspired by Craig Martin from the to resurrect my blog in support of his blog4NZ initiative.

Blog4NZ is a grassroots blogging and social media effort to support New Zealand travel in the wake of the Canterbury earthquake. It is a worldwide blogging event happening on March 21 - March 23, 2011. I urge everyone to get behind this worthy cause. You can find out more here:
I've never visited New Zealand (although it's fairly high on my bucket list!), so why am I so keen to support this cause? Well, our youngest nephew was living in Christchurch both at the time of the first quake and also this most recent one. For his family back in the UK and here in Italy, it's been a really worrying time, but, for Tom, although terrified after living through the first quake, it was a real 'coming of age' experience and he stayed to help with the clean-up operation in his adopted city. I am currently interviewing him about his experiences and will be posting his thoughts as part of Blog4NZ.

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